Are Colouring Pages Beneficial For Kids?

It is a known fact that if you want to keep a child occupied with something that is stimulating, all you need to do is give them a few colouring pages and some crayons or pencils. At TobyBooks.com we recognize the Benefits of Colouring pages as part of a child’s early development.

Free Printable Colouring Pages

Below you will find a few free Toby and Friends printable colouring pages. Simply click on one of the images and it will download onto your computer or device where you can print out as many copies as you like.

10 Benefits Of Colouring Pages

Listed below are 10 of the main benefits of colouring pages as part of a child’s progress:

1. It Improves Motor Skills

Whenever a child colours in or does similar crafts for kids it helps to improve motor skills. As the child learns to grip the pencils with his or her fingers it aids in wrist and hand muscle development. A child develops these fine motor skills by colouring pages and manipulating small objects. By building on these skills, they will move on to be better in sports and more adept in other activities.

2. It Prepares Children for School

Throughout a child’s education, they will encounter a fair amount of structured lessons that are presented on paper by means of assignments, tests and other written work. Colouring in with Toby and Friends plays a crucial role in preparing a child for the structured schoolwork that lies ahead of them.

3. It Kindles Creativity

When colouring pages a child will from time to time venture outside of the lines. Whether they do or they don’t it doesn’t matter, as crafts for kids are supposed to be fun. What is important to remember is that colouring nurtures a creative spirit as well as an appreciation for pictorial differences. Colouring in with Toby and Friends can fuel the imagination and can inspire children to think outside of the box and come up with ideas on their own.

4. Contributes to Improved Handwriting

Hand strength, attention to detail and dexterity together are required to write a legible script. In order for a child to be able to write easily and naturally, it is advised to start introducing them to colouring in early in their life.

5. Colour Awareness and Appreciation

While colouring in, a child will learn how to distinguish between light and dark colours. He or she will learn colour names and awareness of common and primary colours.

6. It Improves Hand to Eye Coordination and Focus

What would seem like a simple act of holding a crayon or choosing a colour while enjoying crafts for kids, is a remarkably powerful tool in teaching a child, eye to hand coordination. Tasks like sharpening a pencil can teach focus and muscle control.

7. Spatial Awareness, Structure and Boundaries

An important part of a child’s development is for them to follow boundaries. Learning the rules along the way will go a long way in their growth. Colouring in with Toby and Friends helps to anchor structure and the need for boundaries. It also helps a child to learn about perspective, colour, lines, shapes, patterns, and forms.

8. Colouring Improved Self Esteem and Confidence

A young child’s confidence and self-esteem are built when they successfully complete even the simplest of tasks. The same can be said for colouring in. When completing a colouring page, the child’s sense of accomplishment and pride in their work is boosted.

9. Self-Expression

Most children are visual by nature and every person on this planet expresses themselves differently. Colouring is a fruitful vehicle to self-expression.

10. Therapy and Stress Relief

Due to the fact that colouring is calming and therapeutic for children – as well as adults – it can help in cases where kids do not have an outlet for confusing or even unpleasant emotions. Just about everyone can benefit from processing their feelings through the simple act of colouring in or doing crafts for kids.

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