Fun Games With Toby and Friends

Educational Games

It can be great fun when young kids play games on a computer or a smartphone. However, Toby and Friends believe that a child still needs to play where their little fingers can curl around a pencil, cut with scissors and glue all types of objects to a card. This is very important for motor skill and hand-eye coordination development.

Free Jigsaw Puzzle Games

At Toby Books we believe that solving jigsaw puzzle games helps children to develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and shape recognition. But we also believe that it is great fun. The best part about building puzzle games is that there is no age limit.

Colouring Pages

A very important part of any child’s development of fine motor skills is through colouring in. Studies have shown that colouring in pages is good for adults too. We have created a few Toby and Friends colouring pages that you can download for free. Feel free to print out as many as you like for your child to enjoy.

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