How Important Are Children's Activity Books?

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As wonderful as books can be for stimulating the imagination, youngsters need more than that. Children’s activity books are ideal for providing kids with more than just the early reading experience that is essential to their later academic strength.

Activity books for kids that encourage children to color in pictures, join the dots, spot the difference, find the matching symbol, and even make basic cut-out models or crafts can also strengthen various skills. They can help young readers cultivate habits that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.

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Early Reading Experience

In 2011, the Annie E. Casey Foundation published a study that showed a correlation between children who cannot read at the average grade level in grade three and dropping out or graduating later than the peer group.

However, as you probably know, getting young children to sit down with a book in their hands is not always easy. Kids are blessed with an abundance of energy, so sitting still and concentrating does not necessarily come easily to them. Children’s activity books, especially those that include text simple enough to read, give little ones a chance to keep their hands busy for at least some of the time. It also lets them be part of the action in a very real way – more so than any gaming console could do.

What are the 6 Benefits of Activities?

Each activity in a coloring book for children offers various benefits. Some benefits might be physical, such as the motor-skill development and pen control that comes with coloring-in, dot-joining, or picture-copying activities. Others may be psychological or emotional, such as the sense of accomplishment and pride children feel when they see the origami boat or flower they just folded.

Let’s take a closer look at the many benefits these books offer:

1. Improve Concentration:

I mentioned above how difficult it can be for children to sit still and concentrate. That can be helped by children’s activity books, which usually contain tasks simple yet entertaining enough to keep kids absorbed for long enough to help increase the period for which they can focus on one thing.

2. Recognition of Color, Shapes Etc.:

Activity books for kids are also are a fantastic way to reinforce color, shape, number, and letter recognition. They also can introduce or reinforce word formation and basic addition and subtraction. Coloring-in books especially can help children become familiar with primary colors, the color spectrum, and how colors are produced by combining various hues.

3. Fine Motor Development:

Holding pens, pencils, crayons, and scissors correctly comes with practice. One of the most entertaining ways in which children can gain that valuable practice before starting school and while in the early grades is by completing activities in books. Many such children’s activity books have been written to help kids strengthen hand and finger muscles and improve their pen control too.

4. Hand-Eye Coordination:

Activity books that require children to limit a particular technique to a specific area, such as coloring in a picture, can help improve hand and eye coordination. One of the most basic examples of this is how youngsters learn to color within the lines, rather than just scribbling without any control.

5. Sense of Personal Accomplishment:

The sense of pride and accomplishment that children feel when they complete an activity, such as seeing the image that forms when they join the dots, is important. It can help instil a sense of confidence in kids, which will enable them to tackle the challenges of school, sport, and home in a positive way. Children are more likely to succeed when they believe that they are capable.

6. Learning Through Fun:

One of the most common gripes from children is that their schoolwork is boring. Even I can admit that it isn’t easy to learn when all I want to do is curl up and fall asleep! By completing fun activities, children learn without even realizing it, and when kids are little, this is often the best way to help them refine their skills without them feeling any pressure.

If you want a great children’s activity book for younger readers, why not start with the new addition to the Toby Books collection? We’ve created a fun activity book that offers a wonderful educational element to it too, as we understand just how crucial pen control, fine motor skills and all other developmental stages and phases are.

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