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Here at tobybooks.com, not only will you find the children’s book series written by Leo Donaldson, but information about other children book classics and their Authors. 

Toby The Big Little Tugboat Story Books

Join Toby The Big Little Tugboat and his friends on their exciting new adventures while learning valuable life lessons from every story. These story books for 3-5 year olds are great first readers, and will capture kids imagination, keeping them entertained for hours on end. Choose one of your favourite kids’ books from the series, or buy them all.

Toby's Big Surprise

Toby To The Rescue

Toby Makes A New Friend

Toby Learns A Lesson

Explore Play Based Learning

Play time is important for all children, but it can also be a valuable time for them to learn new skills while having fun. Preschool reading books, colouring books for kids and activity books for 3-5 year olds are all a great way to promote play based learning.

Understanding Play Based Learning

According to Dr. Peter Gray, your child learns a lot through play, whether it’s with colouring books for kids, from activity books for 3-5 year olds, or any other arts and crafts. Watch the informative video below and learn why play based learning is an important part of your child’s education.

The Importance of Colouring Books For Kids

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Your child arrived home today with yet another picture that they drew or coloured in. You take it; and like the loving, caring parent you are, you compliment them on their good work, or how well they drew your nose. But have you ever given some thought to if what your child was doing was actually helping or educating them? Well, here at Tobybooks we say, “most definitely, yes”. Colouring books for kids are a vital part of your child’s early development for many reasons, and are a wonderful form of play based learning.

We have a great article that will shed light on this topic for you and explain why colouring books for 3-5 year olds are integral to their advancement.

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Education Through Play Based Learning

From the moment a child is born, from the time he or she takes their first breath, they begin to learn. At Toby Books we don’t believe for one second that there is such a thing as a dumb child, and every kid has the potential to thrive. 

There are more ways than a person can count that a child can be taught, and even colouring books for kids can play a huge role. We try our best to assist in the education of parents and children. Parents are teachers, they might just not know it yet. Sadly, sometimes they never figure it out, but we hope that with the right tools, this can change.

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Free Printable Crafts for Play Based Learning

There is no better or more stimulating way to exercise a child’s basic motor-skills and hand-eye coordination than with the help of activity books for 3-5 year olds, or other types of crafts where they can draw, paint colour and cut out.

We have created a few face masks that you can download, print out and give to your child to have fun with. Please feel free to download as many as you like, this section of our website will always be free. Once you have printed the images out your child can colour them in, and once they are done, they can cut them out to wear. 

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Brain-Building Puzzle Games

If you want to teach a young child about the concept of a “whole” then there is no better way than to let them build a puzzle. This type of play-based learning also teaches them that each piece of the puzzle is a fraction of a bigger picture.

Building puzzles helps a child develop concentration, patience and goal setting in much the same way that finishing a picture in a colouring book for kids does. Possibly the most important thing that your child will learn from building a puzzle is a sense of achievement. This will contribute to their schooling later on.

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Get to Know Tobybooks & Our Children’s Books

At Toby Books we firmly believe in our motto of Happy Kids Read. In fact, we are so dedicated to this belief and the power of kids’ books, that we created the hashtag #HappyKidsRead on Social Media.

We are passionate about kids, their wellbeing and their education. At Tobybooks.com we not only promote children’s books that are of high quality, but we share information about play based learning, activities and crafts that is helpful to new, and not-so-new parents.

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Kids’ Fun And Learning Videos

At Tobybooks we do not advocate sitting a child down in front of the TV and leaving them there for hours on end. But, for most of us, there is nothing more entertaining than watching a funny video or three to put a smile on our face. 

So, here are a few funny and educational videos that your child can enjoy when they are not reading their favourite toddler books…giving mommy and daddy a welcome break at the same time.

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